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  • Trying to set up an easy-to-use system for a client, where he can hit Publish and then simultaneously post to a Facebook Wall.

    We’ve had some problems with a couple of plugins. Wordbooker didn’t always post reliably, and was complicated to configure. When we switched to Post-To-Facebook, it was easy and cool. But the problem is that the post had a bunch of photos that didn’t come through right, leaving the FB post with a white blank rather than a featured pic.

    Any recommendations would be really appreciated…

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  • I am also searching through the options for a client.

    Interested to see what you come up with!

    Simple Facebook Connect is not too bad, but doesn’t offer the social comments feed.

    Facebook comments plugin is good – but is complex to set up and the grant token requirement seems to cause issues.

    The biggest problem is that FB seem to change their API calls regularly, so when someone sets up an awesome plugin, it’s broken as soon as FB makes changes.

    I’m seriously considering just having a go at manual insertion of FB code (using their developer tools) to see if this might be more robust, but it does seem a bit of an effort givent he number of plugins out there….

    If only there were one plugin that did it all and was robust !!

    Glad to hear I am not alone. What type of FB code insertion do you have in mind?

    PS in the past I have found the most robust solution is to connect your WP site to twitter, and then connect twitter to FB. That way, you hit publish and it posts to twitter and FB. This way, Twitter manages all the changes that occur with FB – but it does mean having two accounts (Twitter & FB) and also, it only posts a summary with a link – not the entire conversation (which is more desirable IMO)

    Hope that helps!

    RE code insertion – if you look at this page, here are the options direct from the horses mouth!

    Might be more robust – but I’ve not really looked into this yet…

    That’s a really good idea, especially since Twitter mashes it down to such a standardized and easy-to-manage 140 characters.

    The only thing is that here I think we need the whole post recreated as a rich Facebook entry with a thumbnail picture and all that.

    As I suggested above, you can try Simple Facebook Connect –

    But it has lots of bugs….

    EDIT: not necessarily bugs with SFC – but integrating with FB is a moving feast, as I explained above!

    Let’s see, I am going to try installing it now.

    The support forum for SFC shows all the issues:

    Oh dear, let’s see if we have the same problems.

    OK, thanks for this, but what confuses me is that Simple Facebook Connect seems to want to interact with an application rather than the old-style Page that I want to be able to post on.

    I am a little lost trying to understand the Graph API requirements and the need to build an application with its own App Secret code and all that stuff.

    I may have solved my original Post-To-Facebook problem. Interesting: That plugin is cool and easy as I mentioned, but it only seems to work if you run it _after_ you publish on WP.

    you don’t need to get into FB graphs or anything like that.

    Just follow Otto’s clear instructions on setting up a FB app – it’s all very easy.
    The hard part is integrating multiple users and managing multiple widgets etc…. the behaviour of which is sometimes not as advertised!

    Not graphs so much as…having to make it an App, rather than just a simple page…

    The app is just the connection point. The page is where stuff publishs.

    The app is just one of those requirements of Facebook. After it’s setup it won’t bother you. Make sure you use SFC 1.3. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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