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  • I’m looking for advice on which events calendar plugin to use for an alt-weekly paper.

    We regularly have hundreds of individual events to post, so we often lump events together by day (ie. “Music Thursday, March 12”.) Now we’re looking for an easy way to post each show as an individual event (ie. “Buddy Wasisname, March 12”)

    I’ve been using Alex Tingle’s Event Calendar for a few years now, but we have such a large number of events to insert that it’s tedious to have to enter each by hand. We’d prefer to have an import function or something like it.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Former alt-weekly calendar editor here, and I’m running into the same problem for my community blog. If it’s just a music calendar at a set number of venues, Gig Calendar is great ( I haven’t seen anything matching it for more general kinds of events, unfortunately. If you needed to, you could do what I’ve done and use an embedded Google Calendar badge. It’s reasonably fast, should work with iCal and offers some nice features, but the data on the site itself is entirely in Google’s hands.

    Hi there,
    Amr Ical events handles multiple ical sources (merges by deafult, bt can list sequentially), but what may particularly suit you two is that it offers a variety of “grouping” and “formatting” options also with css tags so you can style the groups: eg: you could group by day or by week. You can choose a space efficient layout within the group.

    Currently it takes ical feeds from anywhere and I’ve been told it is the best parser – handles html in the fields and allows you to choose which fields to display. You can just choose a default list type too to avoid too much thinking.
    I am not sure what you mean by “importing” – I am looking at expanding the plugin to read events created in wordpress as well (which is how I found this comment), and merging with the feeds. So one could have public holiday icals merging with internally created events. Let me know what you were thinking about with the import question and I’ll see if I can include that.

    Thank you! Those all sound good, and I will check those out for sure.

    Anmari: your plugin looks like a wonderful possibility…

    Ideally I’m looking for a system that can sort by venue or date (or, even better, artist). Something exactly like this: …. Can your plugin handle this?

    By “importing”, I meant from a csv file… we organize our listings for print first, and it would be easiest to import the text all at once than one event at a time.

    SpartanburgSpark: Can gigcalendar do any of the above?

    stokast: To an extent it can, but not the “all-events at a given venue”-based sort you’re probably looking for in the long term. It’s arranged by date, with each event having its own landing page. To be really useful, it’d need to be sortable by venue as well, with each venue having a landing page showing their related events.

    I asked the developer about the same thing a few months ago, and he said it’s possible, but not in-demand enough to bother with supporting right now. The plugin is more designed for a single band touring around to a bunch of venues, rather than a bunch of bands relative to a location with a fixed set of venues. With a little tweaking of the code, however, I suspect it could easily become a powerful multi-purpose calendar.

    We’re probably trying to accomplish similar things. (I’m trying to create a web-based alt-weekly, in effect.) If you have a moment, visit my site ( and check out how I’m currently handling the calendars and music listings. It’s crude, but functional.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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