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    I’ve used WP-super-cache since the first year it was released. At one point I even wrote a plugin to “prime” an entire site into WP-super-cache (since removed, irrelevant now). During the past decade, I’ve tried pretty much every caching plugin out there, and I don’t just try them out, I dive in to the code and go to extreme lengths to debug how effective it works.

    Today I am charge for fortune 1000 sites getting hundreds of millions of visitors per year, and my own site has been in the Alexa top 20k highest traffic sites since 2006. Those sites, and my own, run WP-super-cache and the reason is simply that using this plugin we can expect 0 problems, and the maximum performance possible from a non-statically rendered site such as WP.

    While other plugins spout a lot of features (translation: bloat and market/adware), and many of those features can be incredibly helpful, they cause many more issues, and constantly need updating and tweaking.

    The focus of this plugin is sweetly specific: Maximum performance possible from your server (Apache) by simply creating static versions of urls normally generated by memory and CPU and database hungry php.

    As long as this plugin keeps that focus, it will continue to be incomparable to all other solutions for the high-end enterprise level high-traffic sites that rely on it.

    Use this plugin, and if it doesn’t work, you need a new web host.

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