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  • Does anyone know for a really good simple website that goes through, step-by-step how to design your own theme?

    I can’t seam to get my head around it.

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  • Hi:

    I’m near the end of designing my own theme and it’s been a ride! I also would like to find a good step-by-step resource.

    I’ve been using Tessa Blakely Silver’s book: WordPress 2.8 Theme Design and it’s been very helpful. Since I’m working on a non-blog site there were some limitations because it’s about designing a blog. And it’s a bit dated as there’s now a different default theme for WP 3.0+ than what she was using. But it’s been very helpful and presented a lot of material in a good order. I’m coming from a designer’s perspective, not a programmers perspective, and she addressed a lot of things from my point of view.

    But, as always seems to be the case in this arena, there always seems to be some holes in the information as the experts assume we newbies know things that we don’t. I really need certain things clearly spelled out and explained, not simply referenced in one sentence, which happens a lot, both in her book and in a lot of the articles in the Codex or out on the web. I need context!

    But her book is an excellent starting point.

    I’ll look into that, thanks!

    I’m in exactly the same boat as you. I know some stuff and can follow directions easily, but if the person writing/speaking skips a minor thing, it can tie me up for hours!

    Need to get on a web design course I think!

    Thanks for the reply!

    You’re welcome. Good luck!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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