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  • While trying to find a good, somewhat robust plugin for creating robust site documentation, I tried out several plugins in the WordPress repo – and was surprised that there weren’t many choices. This one works very well, and has a few nice out-of-the-box features. Since the plugin doesn’t promise to deliver anything more than it does, and since it hasn’t gotten many rating yet, I’m going to give it 5 stars, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t stand improvement, and that there aren’t a couple things to be careful about when using it. Unlike a lot of other dashboard/admin editor-customizers, it allows for full-fledged Admin pages and sub-pages. It also – nice touches – allows for restriction by user capability and for direction application of dashicons.

    It would be nice if the dashicons could be previewed/selected “in place,” and, more significant, it would also be nice if the plugin included a custom admin stylesheet to apply either just to the custom pages or to all of admin or to both selectively. Even though the plugin does come with its own TinyMCE editor, I had to load my own custom admin stylesheet in order to get the look I wanted. Other users might prefer a block editor or templating system.

    I’ll just say briefly here that, as of the current build, it’s not a good idea to install and network activate it in a multisite environment. It will end producing errors in satellite sites where it’s not in use – at least that was my experience. They went away when I de-activated it for the network, but activated it for a single site where it is in use. Fuller integration with multisite – an option to share an admin page across a network, for example – might also be valuable.

    Speaking of options, why not integrate site/plugin options or Advanced Custom Fields? 😉

    So, all in all an excellent time-saving plugin that I expect to be using a lot to help document sites for clients. I hope they keep working with it and turn it into something really special for customizing and adding to admin more generally.

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