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  • Hi,

    I need to finish one project and try to find the best CMS solution for this. I have 3 options word press, Joomla or Elxis. This is what I need.

    The main page of the website will consist of 3 sections as follows:

    (A) Hot Line of the day- Everyday, I the website owner will enter a hot line of the day. This line should be prominent on the top of the webpage in quotes and should also display artist name, song name, and album name in smaller text. By clicking on the quote, you can go to the comments section and people can comment, or read comments accordingly.

    (B) Hot line of the day as submitted by the users- This will be the line submitted by the users that received the most votes that day. This should be refreshed every hour, if another lines vote total for the day has surpassed the previous hot lines total in the past hour, it will take the place of the original hot line. If the original hot line still has the most votes it remains. Should also display artist name, song name, and album name.

    (C) A section that displays 5-10 random user submitted lines to be voted on- This section will display 5-10 user submitted lines at random in much smaller font in a list format with thumbs up signs next to them for voting. One way voting either u like it or you don’t vote. At the end of this section it should say “show me more” which upon clicking you go to a page that shows all the user submitted lines. It would be nice if the code would try to prevent repeat entries of the same verse/song in a given day. Something like “A similar verse has already been submitted today, you sure.”

    Other functions:
    – ability for users to share the hot lines of the day on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.
    – ability for the users to send out a “vote for this verse” for lines in the user submitted section that they like on facebook, twitter, and email.
    – member login functionality for voting. Just small profile section, Email Address (Don’t display in Profile), Username, Location, website. Login with email address or username and password.

    Archive functions:
    – Users should be able to go back and see previous “hot lines of the day” and “hot lines of the day submitted by the users.” Site should archive all lines in section A above, all from B, and should keep user submitted lines from section C for a week before deleting. To clarify the C section-Say a user submits a line. That line has a week to be displayed in the list of lines to vote on daily. After a week the site deletes the line for voting automatically. If the user wishes they can resubmit it the next week. I want to do this so the list of items to vote on stays fresh, and we don’t have thousands of lines.

    Thank you very much,
    I hope somebody can help me and give me Elxis solution for this, I look elxis eblog and eforum options for this, but I do not know can this extensions handle with all my needs.

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