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  • Hello!!

    If I search at Google for CMS and WordPress, I get lots of results, some of them being very useful. But I would like to know your opinion and experiences about making WordPress a CMS.

    Particularly, I am interested in knowing which plugins and hackings are you using for making WordPress to work more like a CMS.

    I’ve heard about Flutter, which seems OK to me. Is there any other recommended plugin for creating customized items or content??

    Also, I asked some time ago (see about plugins for showing that kind of customized content in a table or a list, in a dynamic way, I mean: the user should be able to sort that list of items without reloading the page, in an AJAX way.

    Please, let me know if I am asking for a too easy thing, but I would really appreciate any feed-back!!!

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  • What do you mean by ‘work more like a CMS’?

    By “work more like a CMS” I mean adapting WordPress to the requirements/needs of a CMS, more than a blogging system.

    I do know that WordPress is MORE than a simple “blogger-like” tool, but I’ve found several links and stuff at the Internet aiming at making WordPress more suitable for what it is expected from a CMS, or at making easier to work with WordPress with a web site in mind instead a blog.

    I mean web pages and extensions like the following:

    And there are many more!

    So my question is: any hint, tip or suggestion from expert people?? I ask this because I see many stuff and I would like to get some expert clues and help to distinguish between relevant and not relevant information.

    Thank you in advance.

    By “work more like a CMS” I mean adapting WordPress to the requirements/needs of a CMS, more than a blogging system.

    See, I guess this is the core of the issue. I don’t really know what the requirements of a CMS are. In fact, I’d argue that the phrase is inherently fuzzy, like trying to talk about the inherent requirements of a car. ummm… what are you going to do with the car? Race it? Take twelve kids to soccer practice and karate class? Drive around on snowy mountain roads? The links you provide don’t really clear this up for me. They seem to all be along the lines of “If you want WP to do X,Y, or Z then do this, this, or this.” Fine, but what in particular do you want WP to do? I guess the answer to your question (near the bottom) is that I’d stop worrying about getting ‘CMS’ functionality and instead worry about getting the functionality you need.

    OK. So, there I go. The functionalities I desire:

    – Real AJAX behavior, I mean, the possibility of charging certain contents without having to recharge the full page (for example, in “search” results, or when watching large articles, etc.).

    – Customizing menus.

    – Freedom for designing the site tree, especially regarding to static “pages”.

    – Possibility of defining special documents types, like collections of items (books, discs, etc.), and ability to show the results of queries/searches on them, in a dynamic (AJAX) way: a list or table of items matching the search that can be sorted and filtered (by name, by whichever other field, etc.).

    – …

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