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  • Hello,
    I am working on a rather large multisite and need a calendar solution. What would be the best or some of the best out there? I am willing to pay for something that provides more features. I’ve looked at a lot of the ones released over the years. I was really happy with one awhile back but due to lack of support and some incompatibility issues I had to stop using it.

    I’d like to use something that is customizable to match my website (if I can hack into the css thats fine), I like the idea of recurring events, google map links, i need widgets to display a list of whats going on. I’d like an overall calendar view and day view with detailed event description. It would be great if I could add attachments for each event (pdf, image, etc.). I’d also like to be able choose different color coating for different departments events. It would also be great if I could choose the dates when the event would be displayed and then have it disappear.

    So far the best I have seen appears to be the-events-calendar, but I’m not sure this does everything I would like it to do.

    Thank you so much for your time!

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  • ” need”, “I want”, “broke”, “broken”, “stopped working”. And now you want someone to decide for you which calendar is ‘best’?

    Seems like nothing works for you. Why don’t YOU invest your time and download and test the calendar plugins like everyone else does? That way if something doesn’t work to your satisfaction, and based on the threads you’ve started and they replies you have posted, nothing will, you can look in the mirror and blame the person you are looking at.

    Remember that most all the plugins that you and I and everyone else uses are available AT NO CHARGE. I suspect that a few words of thanks to the people who put in a lot of time creating them would be appreciated.

    I’ve installed and checked many over the past couple years. They have actually come a long way and I wasn’t sure if there was one I missed. I’ve been to many ‘top wordpress plugins’ pages and each one has different features.

    I mentioned that I am willing to PAY for something with more features. People like to promote and sell their products to people when they know someone is looking for what they have to offer. It’s a win-win.

    If you’re viewing my other posts, that’s creepy. All I did was ask for recommendations, not a date.

    try this calendar

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