• Excellent Work! Best Event Cal Plugin out there! better then all other paid versions of Calendar. The Reoccurring function is exactly what i needed completely customizable and so easy to use.

    Very easy integration into any WP theme. uses wordpress in its native form!
    I wish all plugins were this well written and documented!

    Donation Deserved!

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  • For those thinking there is no full calendar view there is!

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[eo_fullcalendar]'); ?>

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for the kind review :). Just to let you know, in 1.7 I’ll be adding the function: eo_get_event_fullcalendar() which you can use to output the calendar (rather than using the shortcode with do_shortcode().


    echo eo_get_fullcalendar(array(
           'time_format' => 'g:i a',
           'headerright' => 'prev,next today',
           'headercenter' => 'category venue',

    Very Cool Thanks for the update.

    Would you also be entering an element to insert the google map as well?
    Is there a call in place already to do something like:

    <?php if (isset($eo_venue_map)) { echo $eo_venue_map} else { echo 'No Location';}?>

    Unless I should be using the venue functions?…

    There are some code functions that include examples, those are fantastic! I’m not superb with code and the examples really help Thanks!!

    One last question…

    I’ve got a list of the events on my home page pulling from 'post_type' => 'event'. but all repeated events give the same start date when I echo eo_get_schedule_start('jS M Y'); how can I make them echo there actual individual start dates? something like $days = eo_get_event_schedule( $post->ID ); echo $days->schedule_start;

    I’m waiting for refunds from the other cals i paid for and all that money is coming your way for sure!

    R.e. venue map, see this page. So, inside the loop (outside just past event post ID to eo_get_venue()):

    $venue_id = eo_get_venue();
         if( $venue_id )
              echo eo_get_venue_map( $venue_id );

    The function eo_get_schedule_start (see docs) gets the date that the *first* date of the event (i.e. an event is scheduled to run ever week, the start of that schedule is when the original event starts). You want eo_get_the_start() (see docs).

    To get a list of occurrences for an event (start & end date times) you can use eo_get_occurrences_of() (see docs).

    (By the way, eo_get_event_schedule() returns an array rather than object!).

    Hope that helps! And thanks 🙂

    Great help everything is running like a top!! Thank you for the wonderful support!

    One last thing I’m curious about is the agenda view widget. The arrows and month changing doesn’t seem to be working correctly. is that a known issue or is that just a script conflict on my end?


    There are known (potential) issues with the widget calendar and some themes (see the FAQ). But I’m not aware of any issues with the widget calendar.

    Feel free to post on the support forums (will be more visible there), with a link to your site, and I’ll take a look.

    Hello Stephen,

    We are about to go live with the site that we used your plugin within.

    I hope you find the donation enough to help with your tea addiction 🙂

    I do have one last issue I can’t seem to resolve, hopefully easy for you to address. On the home page I have a list of events that I want to show every event including reoccurring events. However the reoccurring events don’t delete after the current date. I see there is a setting to remove past dates however when it is part of a reoccurring date is doesn’t delete. Is there a way to change that and or at least remove it from a post query in the $arg?

    Here is my current Code:

    <?php $args = array(
    						'post_type' => 'event',
    						'posts_per_page' => '5'
                    query_posts($args); ?>
    				<?php if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>
                    	<div class="cal-entry">
                        <span class="view"><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" class="arrow">
                        <span class="title"><?php echo limit_words(get_the_title(), '4'); ?></span><br />
                        <span class="date">
    					$allday = eo_is_all_day( $post->ID );?>
    					<?php echo eo_get_the_start('jS M Y'); ?>
    					<?php echo '| '. eo_get_the_start('g:i a').' &dash; '.eo_get_the_end('g:i a'); ?>
                    <?php endwhile; endif; ?>
                    <?php wp_reset_query(); ?>

    should i use something like:

    'orderby' => 'meta_value',
    'order' => 'ACS',
    'meta_query' => array(
    		'key' => '_eventorganiser_event_schedule',
    		'value' => '',
    		'compare' => 'LIKE'

    Please help with what you can 🙂 Thanks!

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you, it’s much appreciated! I’ll just go a brew myself one now 🙂

    You can list future events with the following arguments added to your WP_Query.

    'orderby' => 'eventstart',
    'order' => 'ACS',
    'event_start_after' => 'today',

    WP_Query, get_posts() and eo_get_events() all accept the same arguments ( in particular, the date based ones documentation here).

    (You may prefer to change ‘event_start_after’ to ‘event_end_after’).

    That won’t *delete* the past events, but it won’t display them. You can also (via the plug-in settings) opt to trash events 24 hours after they’ve finished (for recurring events its 24 hours after the last occurrence).

    Hope that helps!

    Brilliant! It works Like a charm.

    Thank for all your terrific support! There may be a couple bugs to work out in the next couple day, but so far this looks great!

    The site is currently populating through DNS but it will be up here soon:

    Hello again Stephen,

    I’m having an issue with the event organizer.

    Once I’ve created a custom reoccurring event, and some of the dates have expired. I can no longer edit the upcoming events…

    There normally is a check box that I can select and then it allows me to edit the event dates. could you let me know what might be happening, or how to fix this?


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Forum moderator

    It’ll be best to create a thread in the Plugins and Hacks forum to discuss this issue.

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