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  • Hello,
    What do you think are the best basic themes to build your own theme from? I am not experienced enough to create one from scratch. I am also not interested in “frameworks” like Thematic / Hybrid / whatever, because I haven’t been able to figure out all those custom hooks, and it seems way to convoluted and complicated in any case.

    I’ve used Shape for one of my themes, and Starkers for another. Wondering if there’s something better. Preferably very basic, not loaded with tons of extra functions and unneeded stuff, but standards compliant.

    I’ve found out about Notes Blog Core recently, any thoughts on that?

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  • It depends on whether or not you want to pay for a premium theme. I personally like Thesis and Catalyst.

    So I’ve totally wanted to poke this one with a stick….


    (I just like the mascot)

    It’s supposed to be exactly what you are looking for…… dunno if it actually is or not, but maybe check it out?

    Thanks, it definitely looks interesting. Although I see it uses CSS grids, something else I have never worked with. (Maybe it’s time I learned though).

    Yup, I hadn’t either. I have no idea if it’s good or not, it was just something that came through my RSS reader a while ago I’d meant to play with

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