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  1. BobSD99
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am developing a WordPress community with a number of features that may rely on different WP installations, across different domains and server software and databases. Looking for help with the design, hope this not off-topic.

    My goal of course is to create a single user database allowing access to all the features - BuddyPress stuff, a premium job theme, free blogs, a magazine, integration with mailman on a different server. (All servers currently use Nginx, except the mailman box, which is Apache.) The scheme might look something like this:

    Main user network
    * my.domain.com/karenduffy/
    * hosts user's profile and "wall," etc.

    Buddypress features
    * groups.domain.com/

    Live chatroom (say Parachat)
    * live.domain.com/

    Job Posting network (Jobroller premium theme)
    * jobs.domain.com/

    User blog network
    * blogs.domain.com/karenduffy/

    Common blog publication (featured articles are automatically or selectively imported from group blogs)
    * magazine.domain.com/MAY2013/

    Mailman discussion lists
    * lists.domain.com

    I am hoping I can get all these features to play well together using the "root Cookie" and "Networks for WordPress" plugins. But I want to avoid any major blunders at this early stage in terms of the overall design.

    So my question is can I expect all these elements to play together? If there are major landmines I am heading toward with the scheme above, what approach might be better for those elements?

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