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  • What (in your opinion) is the best Google AdSense plugin for WP?

    What (“”) is the best Google Analytics plugin for WP?

    Factors such as most recent update, features, validation and integration should be considered. Respond away!

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  • Manually pasting the code into your theme is the best option IMO for AdSense.

    As for Google Analytics, I’ve manually entered the code for that as well, but I also use a plugin that shows my GA reports in my admin area and it also will put the code into your header for you if you wish.

    Thanks Vip! (Is the plugin compatible with the latest version of WP?)

    Anybody else, what are your choices?

    Is the plugin compatible with the latest version of WP?

    Of course. 🙂

    I’d say 95 to 99% of plugins that work in v1.5.x work in v2.x. 😉

    Interesting. It breaks for me. Any other plugins out there?

    How many of you use (have) MeasureMap?

    I use ultimate google analytics to auto-insert the code everywhere, because it also adds it for the tracking of links outbound etc… for AdSense, I tried using AdSense Deluxe for a while, but it wasn’t really offering me enough to justify the several lines it was adding to the code even when there were no ads on that page. So now I just add them by hand.

    how do you add the code in manually. every time i try to do it, it doesn’t show up! i need it in the side bar. i did use the plugin and that words. but i can’t figure out how or WHERE to add the code into sidebar.php. seems like im missing something? don’t i just copy and paste the adsense html in there at the bottom? if i do it doesn’t show up!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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