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  1. My client's site has been smoothly running the WordPress Mobile Edition plug-in/stylesheet, but I see several reports that it's not 3.1-compatible, and since it was last updated in mid-2009 I have slim hopes for an update.

    I would love to hear suggestions for a 3.1-compatible mobile plug-in and/or stylesheet solution that works well and doesn't take too much setup time.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Answering my own post in case it helps others.

    The two mobile solutions suggested by colleagues are:

    WPtouch plug-in - comes in free and paid versions. I've installed the free version for now on my client's site and it has some good, basic admin-side customizations. The Pro paid version offers even more.

    Custom mobile stylesheet - similar to a print stylesheet, you can create a custom mobile stylesheet, using CSS3 media queries. Here's a tutorial I plan to explore further.

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