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  • kouya


    I see that Point 2.0 has been released, but I can’t find any description of what has been changed. Can someone point me to a description of the differences between the new version and the old?

    Also, given the problems that people have reported in the past, with widgets and site design being changed when the theme is upgraded, can anyone report on what happens with this latest upgrade?


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  • xlnc




    I just read the changelog, this seems to be a massive update. Anybody know if the theme options panel is there or no? if not where do we enter our adcode etc..



    Theme Options Panel is gone. This 2.0 update is ruining the old Top Navigation and the side bar is broken.



    OK, I should have known better, but I updated anyway.

    The top menu is broken.
    The site is no longer responsive on a mobile device.

    All in all, it’s a bit of a disaster.

    I’ll wait to see how mythemeshop respond, but I suspect that I’ll have to move to a new theme.



    Please how can I go back to the previous version of the theme, after upgrading the theme is no longer responsive, and the top menu is broken.



    Restore it from backup or:

    Version 1.2.7



    Thanks so much, let me quickly do that.



    @xlnc: Thanks so much I was able to get the previous version from that link.



    Like many of you here, I too walked into a catastrophe with the new Point update. Ironically, I don’t recall updating it myself so I suspect it was an auto update.

    After fooling around with the new settings I was able to get my website in similar appearance but it required me to spend nearly an hour restoring settings that did not cross over with the update. This included the background image, favicon, menu options, featured section…the list goes on and on. The mobile site still looks messy in comparison to the old version and I haven’t found a way to modify these settings. Categories were incorrect, displaying the slug rather than the name…still haven’t solved that one either. Basically, when I pulled up my website, it looked as though it was a brand new install of Point. Not cool.

    I’ve been with My Theme Shop and the Point theme for over a year now and until last night, raved about it. I understand things change with updates. My biggest concern is that My Theme Shop has that much power over the functionality of my website via updates (especially since I did not prompt the new update to install). I guess I was a little naive to think that the line stopped once I installed their theme. As a customer I would prefer to have the control to change the things I want.

    Needless to say, I have learned a lesson here and will indeed purchase a premium theme. Unfortunately for My Theme Shop, it will not be from them. I wish you all the best with restoring your sites 🙂



    We also had the bad surprise of broken things with this theme update:
    – Primary and footer menu were disconnected from the correct menus.
    – We had to re-set Trending Settings section (category setting was lost).
    – We had to re-set Footer Featured Settings (category setting was lost).
    – We had to re-set Feature Settings (category setting was lost).

    No info yet, about losing responsive ability.

    We expect to discover even more problems in the next hours. We’ll keep an eye on the site.

    Thank you all for sharing your problems.



    Another problem:

    Footer Featured Settings now is showing slug instead of Category Title :-/

    Moderator Jose Castaneda



    First be very weary everybody as this may get closed because everybody wants to chime in with their possibly related issues. Yes, I totally understand you are all having similar issues but that is still no reason to post your own experience.

    Now, for the update. Yes, they did mention in their changelog:

    Removed Options Panel and Moved Settings to Customizer

    Emphasis on the moved to customizer. Because it is a theme hosted on it does have to abide by the requirements set by the theme review team.

    So with that out of the way, let me chime in on this:

    My biggest concern is that My Theme Shop has that much power over the functionality of my website via updates (especially since I did not prompt the new update to install).

    I’m not quite sure I follow. Themes have no control over site functionality and shouldn’t. That is a requirement because themes are meant to display user content and not add functionality as it will get lost upon theme switch. If anything that sounds like either a site setting or hosting setting. Themes are not allowed to touch update system. I would highly recommend reaching out to your hosting company about that.

    For the OP ( @kouya ), what I’m wondering is if your original question has been answered sufficiently or if you would like more information regarding the update? From trying to read all the comments it appears you may be having some issues with styling? If that is the case can I ask you please open a new thread about that so as not to flood this one?



    My question isn’t answered, so I posted a new thread, thanks Jose Castaneda

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