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  • Well, I’m having a problem I’ve personally never heard of before or maybe I just haven’t seen the answer. So here goes.

    I started writing with a friend for his Redskins blog. He bought a domain name through (free site) to make it look more professional. I had a website of my own at the time with a server, so I told him we could use that server once the site got big (which it has now).

    That’s the long story shortened leading up to this point.

    Two nights ago we changed everything over. The domain name on my server is now, the server names via wordpress (which he registered the domain) have been changed to my servers. As have the links in wordpress itself (blog url, site url).

    For some reason, the website works for everyone, except him and I, but we both have different issues.

    Whenever I visit the website link, it redirects me to (which was the name of the free site before he bought a domain with wordpress).

    If I visit the site through, it loads fine for me like it’s supposed to.

    For him, if he goes to, it loads fine, but if he goes to, it tells him he’s been locked out and needs to contact an admin.

    I have no idea what’s going on and it’s getting annoying. If anyone knows what the problem is or might have a suggestion, let me know. I’m willing to try ANYTHING at this point.

    I may add, it seemed as if all the problems started to occur after I changed the site url and blog url within wordpress.


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