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  • This is what I get for not being online 24/7.

    I just want to answer some of the questions raised in this thread after my last post.

    samboll said: <blockqoute>So – now can we all post products for sale…er, mandatory donation? As long as we tie it to WP of course.

    – There are posts offering to pay for WordPress related work, so I didn’t think $ was a taboo subject

    miklb said:

    It has not been the nature of the support forums to allow solicitation of for pay services. There is an ongoing discussion regarding this ever growing occurance, and until a consensus is reached, I don’t believe any more action is going to be taken.

    – So officially there is no rule against what I posted. At the time I posted it.

    podz said:

    Strange.. you want a theme ‘volunteered’ but your code needs money. Other examples may well reside in your forum history.

    – podz, you surprise me.
    I wish you would look into my post history. You will see that before this plugin, I have answered many support questions; and don’t forget the plugins that I’ve written.
    To help you out, here’s a particularly interesting post for you:
    And here are all my posts:
    There are 20 google pages with results showing me donating my time supporting others (just like you). I’m not looking for a pat on the back, I’m making sure you know I’m not some fly-by-night get-rich-quick leech. I believe you only get out of something what you put in and I’ve definitely contributed.

    – Finally, for those inquiring about the GPL, let me try to explain a different way:

    WordPress is a car, it’s the world’s first GPL car. You can build one just like it for yourself, build one for others, it’s all good. You can change the direction in which the doors open, but if you ever distribute your copy of the car, you have to allow others to redistribute/change it, just as you did WordPress.

    I didn’t change WordPress. I stuck a bumper sticker on WordPress.
    Does the bumper sticker interact with the car ? Yes.
    Does the bumper sticker contain part of the car ? No.
    Is the bumper sticker any good without the car ? No.
    Am I selling the car ? No.
    Am I violating the GPL ? No.

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  • … and all that stems from your odd use (my words, couldn’t think of a better way to say it) of “donation”. If you mandate a donation, it isn’t a donation. Simple as that really.

    Yeah, that’s my mistake.
    I should’ve said exactly what I was expecting.

    I honestly didn’t think people would, “get their panties all bunched up in a knot” at my attempt at wordplay.

    I’m out of here for the night, I hope this thread is still here tomorrow. (even if it’s closed)

    In an effort to continue to drive the focus of the forums towards free support, I’m closing this thread, as is the other. I didn’t say there wasn’t a policy in place, please do not put words in my mouth. I simply said the issue was being discussed. As it stands, the direction seems to be moving towards the “unwritten” policy that has been longstanding in the forums, that of not allowing commercial adverts in the forum, be it software or service.
    Any more threads on the subject will most likely end up being deleted. As has been offered in other threads, the opportunity to discuss this in the appropriate place is still there.

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