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  • This is just my opinion…

    I think it would be a good idea to be consequent in regards to how, i.e. the post template, tags operate. They should either ALL have the option of returning a string or displaying to the browser – or NONE of them should have the option and just default to one of the two.

    Obviously the choice is better.

    For instance, I was just now writing a tiny plug-in for my blog and I needed to get WP to return a string for the post title, URL and content. I couldn’t get the content, as the the_content() tag doesn’t provide the option to turn display off.

    In my opinion it’s a kind of “best practice” to never print something out to the standard output directly from a function that’s meant to be reusable. Always return the data in the most generic format available so the person using the function can decide how and where to display it.

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