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  • Bad Behaviour behaves badly, I cannot suggest this plug-in to anyone. The idea has merit but the execution requires major work. Avoid this item or use it at your own risk.

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  • Try updating to the most recent version. Works fine for me.

    It doesn’t require any “major work”. The author of the plugin DID a lot of work making this plugin available.

    Yes, there was a glitch with a previous version and it was fixed very fast. Download the latest – it works well for everybody.

    Regardless of your opinion, we still suggest it for everybody for combatting spam!

    I agree with azuko, the plugin does require major work. I was bit disturbed by the fact that one plugin could lockout/shut down every site using it. After the incident a lot of people have been looking into the code, and how it validates good bots like Google and Yahoo is appalling, and could potentially block out good bots and kill your SE rankings. Read IncrediBILL’s post:

    I highly recommend no one use it until it has some major improvements

    It really was dirtdevl with a small “loophole” that the author overlooked in the past version. He acknowledged the problem quickly and released a new version. For anyone that was using the plugin and subscribed to his updates, they were down only a matter of hours. People make mistakes and a wide statement recommending no one use it seems harsh to me. I have used this plugin since the beginning and other than 6 hours it took me to update my plugin, no issues what-so-ever.

    I think that it was a small mistake. Everyone makes those and it is not something that we should jump conclusions to. That is my 2 cents anyways, but everyone has their opinions. 🙂


    Not to mention that “incredibill” basically doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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