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  • G’day all,

    These forums, and WP in general have made it possible for a complete non-coder/designer to do what I have – and I thank you!

    I have no background in this, but got given the task of putting a fresh face to my son’s school website. it’s here!

    “Strut your stuff…” I don’t think so, but your feedback or suggestions are much appreciated.

    One question – How can i remove the Comments closed icon in the header of every post. I don’t ever want to open up the comments on this blog.

    Many thanks again,

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  • Very nice work. A background couldn’t hurt though. Just some small texture just to give it a feel. Your choice though, lol. As for the whole removal of the Icon, I am sure you could try looking for it in the Theme Editor right in the post or comments coding. Around there, there should be a small line for the image that you could just delete, I am sure, and it will remove it from the site. I always mess around with my sites coding and what not just to get something the way I want it. Lol.

    I’d remove the Login: Site Admin from the footer — that’s almost an invitation for mischief.

    Also, a small usability tweak would be to rename tab “Blog” to “Home” — “Home” is commonly understood to be the front page / root page of a site. Plus, since you’re using WP as a simple CMS and not a true “blog,” the term “Blog” could also confuse readers.

    One question – How can i remove the Comments closed icon in the header of every post. I don’t ever want to open up the comments on this blog.

    Unless that option is listed in the the theme’s option page(s), you’d have to modify the theme’s files. For your theme, the relevant code is in “theloop.php” but that file is shared by many pages, so screwing something up by removing some code could break your entire site. It might be simpler to find a newer theme that is more “CMS” oriented.

    Hi Wolfwood and Scribblerguy,
    Thanks for your comments. I much appreciate them, even if I am confused by how to act on them 🙂

    Wolfwood: How would you add a background image?
    Scribblerguy: Thanks for the warning re: admin login, though I note that most templates seem to include that. Is it really an issue? If it’s not there, are hackers not just going to go to\wp-admin.php???
    I love your suggestion of renaming blog to Home, or News maybe… again how would you suggest I do it?

    re: Comments, In the end, with some fear and trembling (and a good backup) I edited the style.css and simply took out all references to comments. Trimmed about 3k off the file! In doing so I got rid of the comment graphic icon, but haven’t got rid of the word closed. I will have a look in theloop.php, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome as it stands, and will fiddle more when I finifh with my other sites I have to do.

    Thank you so much for your help and insights. hehe. My second site I was able to get up and running in just under one night. Now we’re getting somewhere!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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