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[Resolved] beginner's questions about multisite…

  • Hello, thanks in advance for your help:

    I want to set up multisite so that i can use the multisite language switcher. I will have 1 one site, two versions, one English, one Greek.

    I have already done the Greek version. http://www.mysite.gr


    1. I set up a multisite installation and set it up as a subdirectory at http://www.mysite.com. I just changed this via domain mapping to mysite.gr

    How can i now upload mysite.gr and all the work i have done to this multisite installation? will my urls etc still all work as is??

    2. Will i be able to have changes in the themes ( eg a different header ) for each language version ?? this is important… I am using Thesis 1.8.5 theme …

    thanks in advance for your help!

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  • no problem, figured it out already…
    and yes, with Thesis 185 installed in a multisite each different site can be totally different and independent from the others – at least that is the case from all that i have seen so far… yay!

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