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  • Hello,

    I am working on designing this website for my friend, this is osrt of what it’s going to be like: I’m starting to get it together but he would like to have a blog on the front page. He uses hostgator which claims to have the 1-click blog option.

    Basically I’m a print guy but have been teaching myself html, css, ml, and flash. I’m ok at that stuff but have absolutely no idea about how blogs work.

    Is it possible to use this already designed look and setup and insert the blog? I’d like it to go in the middle lower area, links to old blogs could go on the right hand column is what I envision.

    I feel a little overwhelmed with trying to do this. Is it possible to use an already designed page and insert a blog??? and any pointers to “Blog for Beginners” type sites where I can start to learn how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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  • You’ve got a lot of general questions on WP and blogging so I’ll just direct you to the Codex, WP’s online documentation. There’s all kinds of information there on blogging, WP features and how to create a ‘theme’.

    It’s a lot to take in so once you’re familiar with the basics come back and we’ll fill in the gaps.

    Welcome to WordPress!

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