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  • bigswp


    Keep in mind though that this theme likely also has it’s own built in menu options that you may be able to use as well. I always just make my own though because I find it easier.

    Thanks! I’ll do it and let you know then

    Uhm, hi, I hope you don’t mind me asking something quite similar. I have a problem with the same theme. I want to divide the header in three sections, kind of like this | Website Logo | Embedded code | Another Embedded Code |
    But it only lets me put the logo, either to the left or in the center. I can’t do anything else with the header. Is there a way?
    Thanks in advance for reading, and I hope you can answer n.n

    Theme Author Richie KS


    the logo option allow you to upload your (logo with text) image or just use default text only. you will need to edit the header.php for this kind of customization on how you want your logo work.

    Yes, I am aware of that. I was hoping someone would help me through that, though.

    Bigswordpress ,I just finished doing the menu as you told me to! What now?

    And Kurashiki, I’d help you if I knew how to do it 🙁



    Sorry guys I am away on weekends I will have a look at both of your questions Monday when I have a minute 😉
    Kurashiki I am sure we can figure out something for you as well. Could you be a little more specific on what you want to do. Do you have a URL I can look at?



    sorry Armin93 I thought we solved your questions but I see what you are asking….

    Very simple because you have already edited the “Top Menu” so now you just need to go back in there and edit the “Primary Menu” which is the menu where your “Allgemein” is.

    Just follow the instructions I gave you for the menu above but check off “Primary Menu” and again you can just create your own menu.

    Any problems let me know

    Hey bigswordpress, I am trying to add everything to my side and it’s lookin better now

    1)I have new questions though. When I go into the ‘primary menu’, how can I add content to the categories? I tried to publish several posts and when I try to check off which category it should go to on the lower right side, the post just does not appear in the category that I want it to appear.

    2) If you look at ‘Paleo Rezepte’ in the primary menue, I have created a a drop down menu. How do you you edit that drop down menue to look better and scaled?

    I tried to find out the answers to both questions but again did not find it.

    For example, the post that you see now on the homepage of http://www.paleo-fit. de that says “Private: 10 snacks…..” was supposed to go into paleo rezepte > Paleo Snacks, but it ended up being on the landing page I think



    Remember you are now controlling these menus manually. You can also create and control sub-menus. Your theme likely has menu control features that you may be able to edit from within your admin panel for the theme or you can just continue to control them manually as we have been doing.

    I made you a video that shows how to edit your menu and to make sub menus.

    Go Here:

    I hope this explains it. Any probs let me know

    *NOTE – You may want to download the video or take any screenshots you need because I will be deleting that sample page when we are done.

    I appreciate it man! Yeah I created a drop down menu if you look on However, I wasn’t able to shift the drop down menu. As you can see right now its too high (remember how we custom styled css and shifted the entire navigation bar down?).



    Try this and adjust the paddeng-top. Only thing is if your theme is responsive it doesn’t always get along with px you may want to try ems if it is having problems.

    #main-navigation .sf-menu li {
    margin-right: 5px;
    padding-top: 40px;

    Hello again. I’m sorry I took a bit to get back to you. The thing was under maintenance and so outsiders couldn’t really load anything, but now it’s up again. I apologize about the Spanish, but I didn’t have a choice in its language. The code should be the same regardless. This is the URL
    Now, what I was asked to do is to divide the header into three sections. The logo that is now in the middle of the header is supposed to be located on the left. The middle and right need embedded code, for swf files pretty much. So I need to be able to code for the middle and the right side of the header separately from the logo that would go on the left.
    I hope you can help me out, and if you can, thanks a lot! Thanks in advance for reading.



    Hi Kurashiki I will take a look at this for you tomorrow and let you know if I can do anything. This post is now marked as Solved so could you please start a new post and put the url here so you don’t get yourself in trouble for hijacking this post 😉 but I will certainly take a look for you.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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