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    I am brand new to the world of WordPress. With help from a friend, we just put up my first blog.

    I get the sense that I can be doing a lot of customize the look and functionality, but I seem to have come to the end of my grasp of what’s going on.

    Would love some help advising me on how to make it look like and do what I want it to.

    Things I want to do:

    1. Jazz up the generic looking banner graphic at the top of the page.
    2. Add an opt-in box for a newsletter list
    3. Make it easy and obvious (near the top of the page) for people to write me directly
    4. Add mor resources to the right side of the page, including some clickable graphics

    Here’s the project;

    If someone want to write me directly that would be cool.



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  • We are not really good in email support – but if you ask here, people will get you go 🙂
    As for starter, you should look around in the Codex, the WP’s online manual:
    where most of your questions are answered.




    If you drasticly want to change the look of your pages you can try installing a few different “themes”. They cover all aspects of what the blog looks like. Do a search here on the forum for it and you’ll get lot’s to choose from.

    you don’t even have to do a search, just click on the Extend link at the top 🙂

    Thanks all.

    The theme I have is ‘good enough’ and I’m reluctanct to mess with something that is 90% working.

    I don’t need to drastically alter the look. Just need to make a few very simple changes.

    First, as a stop-gap measure I am trying to re-arrange the order of the items of the on the right hand side bar.

    Second, I’d like to add an opt-in box for people who want to join a mailing list.

    This is web site that contains how to information for business owners who want to start fundraising campaigns for hurricane relief on the Gulf coast.

    Here’s the link…


    If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. Maybe someone can point me to the exact section of the manual that handles it. I can code. I just can’t see how to get in and change the code on the template I’m using.





    Customizing_Your_Sidebar should help explain what you can do in your sidebar to organize / add things.

    My subscribe2 plugin allows users to sign up for email notification of new posts.

    You can use a WordPress page to present your contact information, or you could use the WordPress Contact Form to allow people to email you through your blog.

    Awesome. Thanks.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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