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    I am a beginner with no experience (and no coding background), but have been able to figure out almost everything in I cannot, however, put together in any sensible way the many different pieces of directions on how to add a per page widget to a sidebar in Weaver and then how to add content. Can someone “walk” me through it? I know it has to be easier than it seems right now. Thank you.

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  • You’re in luck – Weaver has really great support from the theme developer here:

    Thanks. That IS a good link but it doesn’t have what I need.

    Sorry, are you looking for the “per page widget”?

    EDIT – if so , how about this:

    I want to have a unique sidebar on each page. That’s all. (This is a very simple website.) I did delete (or hid, not sure which) the default widgets in the sidebars. On the Widgets page, I dragged the Weaver II Per Page Text widget to the Primary (top) Sidebar and got this message:

    “This widget will work like a text widget, but the title and content are defined by custom fields set on a Per Page basis. For any page, define the Custom Field wvr_pp_title if you want a title, and define Custom Field wvr_pp_text as the content. Content can include arbitrary text, HTML, and shortcodes. The widget will display only if the custom fields are defined when that page is displayed. (This widget won’t display on the default blog or other archive-like pages.)”

    But I have NO idea what that second sentence means.

    Does that help you understand where I am with this?

    OOPS to wpyogi.

    Just saw your link. I did download Dynamic Widgets but that didn’t have the basics I’m looking for either. I NEED A MANUAL! Anybody remember those? Step by step, page by page. Sigh.

    I hear you – unfortunately, I don’t know the answer 🙁 .

    But if you are using Weaver widget functionality, you can ask on the Weaver forums.

    Or if you need info about a plugin, you can ask on the plugin sub-forum here:

    I know it is probably frustrating to not have a “manual” but that’s the way open-source, all volunteer, all free software is sometimes. Having documentation depends entirely on people taking the time and effort to write it :). Fortunately, for many themes and plugins, there’s free access to the people who wrote them…

    Also, on one page as a test, I did “define the Custom Field wvr_pp_title if you want a title, and define Custom Field wvr_pp_text as the content” with the value “presidebar_right.” [See message above.] What that did was drop “presidebar_right” in two areas in the sidebar on that page but I can’t figure out where to add the title and text.

    Thanks, I’ll try Weaver forums too. The answer is out there!

    Did you, or anyone ever come up with an answer to this? I have a very simple site, using weaver II and bbpress for a forum. There is a bbpress tweak plugin which creates a single sidebar just for this purpose, a single page sidebar. But I can’t get it working. Anyone know of a how to?

    Actually I found the answer to this. I had, in the Weaver options, ticked to NOT show the right sidebar widget. I wanted it to show the bbpress sidebar and had edited THAT. Once I unticked that, so that the right sidebar showed, the bbpress one showed up properly!

    Wow. Thanks. I had given up and have been using Weebly to help friends with their basic websites (and actually that’s a good choice for most of them) but want to get back to WP for more flexibility and functionality. I just signed up for an online course on WP (, and the first thing I’ll do is try what you suggested. Happy holidays!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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