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  • Hello,

    Done some searching, but cannot find a basic “How to add RSS to your blog” post.

    Can anyone point me into the right direction? Thanks.

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  • It’s already there in WordPress. If for example you use the default theme, you find RSS links for posts and comments at the bottom of the page.
    It is generated by footer.php

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Do you mean to find your feed so others can use it
    to use RSS to add items to your blog automatically ?

    You’re right. I’m using Quentin which has RSS 2.0.

    Now the really embarrassing question…. how does it work, that is, how do I, or anyone, receive notification of a new post on the blog?

    Told ya I was a beginner!

    Mark (podz)


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    Where is your blog ? Then we can help better.


    I think I stumbled on the answer–partially. Safari has a preference that let’s you see updates in the Bookmarks. I guess the key here is how to activate an RSS of a particular site, or is it automatic if for instance it’s in your Bookmark bar (if that’s the default in the preferences)?

    My blog is here.

    If you are using Firefox it dicovers that the page contains RSS links and you can add the link to your bookmarks. If you do, make a certain folder called RSS or Feeds to sav all your RSS links in.

    If you are using any feed reader, just follow the instructions on how to add feeds.

    Ah, you beat me on that one. Nice!
    Fastest I’ve ever seen here 🙂

    Merci petit!

    P.S. I don’t believe Firefox has this capability–at least not the Mac version.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If you want the 3 urls, use your browser to do a View Page Source. Look for this line (it’s close to the top)
    <!-- leave this for stats -->
    and 2 lines under that are your 3 feed urls

    Well my Windows version 1.5 has it and I really like it – spares me a specialise feed reader. Over and out – thats another forum i guess.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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