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  • I’m new to web design and I’m working on creating a wordpress website for my upcoming, new business. I want to make it a responsive, mobile friendly website. However, I don’t have too much experience when it comes to web design, however I want to make this website as professional looking as possible and great. I’m trying to get this website done by a deadline (hopefully by the end of the summer) before I officially launch my business to the public. I want to make the wordpress theme from scratch (no buying existing themes or making child themes). I want to gain experience in doing this. I’m pretty sure I will need HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and maybe Python. If anyone here can help me out with guiding me to make an amazing WordPress theme from scratch I would really appreciate it. I have been looking all over the internet and youtube finding articles and videos about how to do this but none of them really helped me for the situation I’m in. So if anyone here can either help me through this or guide me towards other places to learn to create responsive, unique wordpress themes from scratch I would really appreciate it. So far I have these files: style.css, index.php, sidebar.php, footer.php, header.php, archives.php, 404.php, theme functions.php, single.php,comments.php. I would need help how to code in each of these files to give me the desired results I want for my website. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

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    This has a lot of good info, but what you are trying to do is a huge leap…

    I’d suggest learning how WP works before trying to build a theme from scratch, but good luck and have fun with it!

    Hey, if anyone can give me some tips or advice to make my website look amazing and very professional looking I would really appreciate it. This is my first time doing this so I want to make sure I make this all the worth it since I have been putting in a lot of time working on this, thanks.



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    For that kind of input on your site, you can post on the “Your WordPress” forum:

    Your WordPress

    Hey John, You serious? Cos’ U know? Learning WordPress is a continuous process and can’t be done overnight from scratch to make a professional website as possible and great with all of the bells & whistles.

    First understand that a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP is a must to even customize a free wordpress theme. You are also not in a mood to use themes, well, good. Nice idea, but creating themes is not definitely not for beginners.

    Gone through your site. Looks unfinished and broken. Instead put an ‘UNDER CONSTRUCTION’ banner in the index.html/php. That way you can atleast save some of the bad impressions of your valuable clients.

    Bro, remember one thing ‘Rome was not built in a day’

    I know that this is 9 months old but people need to stop giving long lectures just to tell him that it can’t be done overnight.

    First of all, depending on your level, you can do it overnight. I was fairly experienced and have done 2-3 different types of websites overnight. Of course, I did it without any sleep. They weren’t amazing, but they were just enough to be launched. From there, that’s where I slowly improved the look and feel of things.

    Second, at least give him some links or clues where to start. He should be able to get it through trial and error.

    I’m not that great of a designer but what I used to do is grab the simplest template and go through the codes. The more time you have the better. Be patient, mess the codes up, destroy the template, go back to square one and just have fun doing it! DO WHATEVER YOU WISH if you really want to learn.

    We can guide you if you ask detailed technical questions. Just begin your journey. Do things like finding out how to change the colour of a background, text or whatever through google searches.

    Come back to us if google searches don’t work. Our guidance is more like a last resort kinda thing on the forums just because you’d have to wait for us to read and reply. Or, you could do a search on google while posting your question for a quicker learning experience. At least that’s what I did to get things to stick in my slow brain.

    If this post isn’t relevant to you anymore, I hope it is relevant to any of our silent readers out there.

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