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  • Hi all.

    I have a theme to design for a new site. I would like different header and footer colours on different pages.
    The pages will be sorted in to categories. One colour per category.
    The site will be made up of pages predominantly. (Not posts).
    Would this be best achieved by editing themes or by using templates ?

    If it is a theme, which one should I start hacking away at.

    This is the first time I have tried anything like this so it needs to be fairly simple.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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  • editing themes or by using templates

    That’s not really a choice – themes are made up of templates. Sounds like you may need some custom templates in a theme (you can only use one theme per site) Much of what you are trying to do can likely be done via CSS – using page or category specific CSS selectors to target specific elements on a specific page.

    For sure, use a Child Theme for this kind of thing — so that your changes are not overwritten when the theme is updated.

    I’d look for a theme that has the basic look and functions you want — and go from there. If it’s widely used and well-supported, you’ll find more help and information as to modifications.

    Start here:

    You did say that you were new to this so theres no really great answer for you, Do you have php or html/css skills at all? Personally I say build a child theme from a theme that looks and acts the way you like or simply Build your own theme then You can make use of template parts like header templates, page templates and footer templates and so on, I personally like making template parts like header templates, page templates and footer templates because then I can make them look anyway i like anywhere i like in the site. Plus template parts are easier, lol.

    As far as not using posts or blogs are concerned, that will be determined by how you code the theme and what wordpress tags, functions and api you include. If you need some help let me know and I will help to walk you thru the process.

    Hi WPyogi.

    That was just what I was after. A bit of direction. Thanks very much for the pointers. I’m off to find the right theme to start hacking away at.

    Then its time to dive into CSS. (Scared Face)

    Thanks again


    Take Yogis advice and dont hack the theme just make a child them from it, lol.

    Also, Yogi, your too dang quick for me man, you always get a reply in just before I click the post button, lol.

    Damn, you guys are quick. I’ve found a simple theme and before I even install it more posts are in.

    Gonna give it a go and ignore the forum for 20 mins. Back when a few more posts pop up 😉

    Thanks guys.

    Aw, sorry James G – more than one answer’s usually good anyway :).

    @robsbots – don’t worry to much about the CSS — it’s actually quite fun once you get the basics down. Make sure you are using Firebug and check out the many good, helpful CSS sites out there – good reference is:

    Hey Yogi, is there a way to message others in this site or is everything simply on the forums?



    Forum Moderator

    No messaging here – everything is on the forums.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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