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    I guess I’ve gotten too trusting with these theme updates. I made the mistake of updating a site from v. 2.1.8 of Storefront to v. 2.2.2 and ran into a couple of issues.

    First, all my widgets disappeared. It turned out they weren’t gone, they had just been moved to the Inactive Widgets area. Before you do this update, make a record of where all your widgets go in case this happens, so you can more easily move them back up into their appropriate locations in Appearance -> Widgets.

    Second, there is a pop-up once you move off the updates screen that asks you to add the Homepage Template. If you do so, the Homepage Template will automatically be applied to your home page, and you may find that the sidebar is gone and all the headings/text are center-aligned. You can fix it by editing the page (if you have a static home page) and switching back to the default template.

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  • Good tips! I ran into this disapearing sidebar and footer thing this morning. I fear the more is wrong. Woo pugins sem notto work as expected. This is about Theme Customisations, WooCommerce Customizer and WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser.

    Hi, I’m stuck in the same problem (“all the headings/text are center-aligned”). But what do you mean by “switching back to the default template”?

    Hi Daniele,

    That means:

    – Open your homepage in dashboard
    – click on right side arrow where it says “Template”
    – select default template

    The update has set the template to “homepage” thats why all is centered now.


    Thanks, but I can not fix it.
    Now I’ve reset it from backup, then I updated the theme again, being careful to remove the check that applies the new template. My homepage changes the same, with all texts centered and narrow body. I use a child theme with a static homepage, created by me, should not do so… I dont’t understand.

    Can you provide a link to where this is happening please?

    YES! 2.2.3 solved the disapearing widgets. Some minor things still happen: text background color sometimes change but that is easily corrected.
    Another annoying side effect is that the layout is not what I want. I use Woo plugins to change the number of columns on an archive page (both catergory and products). The items seem not te scale anymore, so 4 columns do not fit and are displayed as 2 col. Settng it to 3 makes a neat page but I rather had 4 col…

    I noticed the same thing when I upgraded a site to 2.2.3. I’m going to mark this as “solved.”

    The font-weights for widget and content titles changed from 700 to 300, too, for some reason. I’ve been using the following to restore the previous look:

    /* Add the background color to the main navigation that was taken out with v. 2.2.2 */
    .storefront-primary-navigation {
    	background: rgba(0,0,0,.06);
    /* Remove the extra white space beneath the titles of the widgets and use a font-weight of 700. */
    .widget .widget-title, .widget .widgettitle {
    	padding: 0 0 10px;
    	margin-bottom: 0;
    	font-weight: 700;
    /* Increase the font-weight of the titles to match pre-v. 2.2.2 */
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    	font-weight: 700;

    Can anyone tell how to change product in categories like new in, best sellers etc on homepage or welcome page of storefront?

    @linux4me2: thanks for the CSS. I applied it as-is. Do you know how to make the text IN the widget (WooCommerce Productcategories and Product tag cloud)
    Egbert Jan

    @kshbu0: If you’re asking how to increase the font-weight in the widgets, I suspect you mean the following:

    .widget-area .widget {
    	font-weight: 500;

    You can change the 500 to whatever you like. It’s 300 in v. 2.2.3, I think. I’d have to see a page that’s using the widgets you’re talking about to find the selector if that doesn’t do it.

    TNX. I’ll give it a try and play a bit.

    It controls the (count), which is fine.See left sidebar of under “Onze categorie├źn”.


    Okay, if you want to change the font-weight of the categories and the tag cloud, I think you’d use this:

    .widget-area .widget a:not(.button) {
    	font-weight: 400;

    changing the “400” to whatever you want.

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