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    I removed this review as it was meant for Grand WP Forms

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    Hi fid1,

    I really apologize for the trouble here! I’m sorry too, though, as I’m not sure I understand the issue/pending fix you’ve described.

    In case it helps, I’ll share a bit more about how our uploaded file access is designed to work. When a user uploads a file to their form (which can be done with any of our paid licenses), there are three ways that you can quickly view that file:

    1) You can send yourself automatic notification emails when forms are submitted. As long as you include the {all_fields} Smart Tag in the message content, you’ll be able to see a link directly to the uploaded file. If you click that link, the file will open (no need to even log into your WordPress site).

    For more details on that Smart Tag, or on setting up notification emails in general, here’s our notifications tutorial.

    2) From within your WordPress site, you can go to WPForms > Entries and then open up individual entry details. In addition to any other values that the user entered/selected, there will be links to any uploaded files. When you click on any File Upload link, it will open the file.

    Here’s our guide with tons more details on form entries.

    3) If you’d rather not open up individual entries, you can even make uploaded file links appear directly on the entries overview page. This is easiest to show by demonstration, so I created a short screencast video for you to check this out.

    Last, you mentioned that your emails aren’t coming through. This is unfortunately becoming an increasingly common issue, and the most common cause is spam. Spam is getting more common and more clever, and in response email providers are beefing up their spam filters. But in this process, sometimes legitimate emails can get blocked too (either sent to a spam box or not allowed to be delivered at all).

    This email delivery issue is not unique to any one plugin or to any specific type of website, and so I’d strongly recommend that you set up a fix as soon as possible, no matter which forms you decide to move forward with. Please check out our tutorial for more details on why this issue happens and how you can fix it.

    I hope these details are helpful, and that you’ll consider giving us another shot down the road!

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