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    Gift Wrapper is in active development, since 2014. We really do want to make Gift Wrapper work for the biggest number of web shops possible, so we value a good support request. Support requests often result in plugin improvements that benefit the entire WordPress community. 💫

    Please note, Gift Wrapper Plus (a paid plugin upgrade) cannot be supported here due to forum rules. Visit https://giftwrapper.app for paid plugin support.

    To help us answer questions efficiently and prevent us having to read minds and make 🎱 guesses, please ensure you provide:

    • A link to your site so we can view issues, especially important for issues around appearance of your website. Screenshots are nice, being able to see/use your site is much better.
    • No link? Then screenshots, please!
    • Name of your WordPress theme
    • Your WordPress version
    • Your WooCommerce version
    • Your Gift Wrapper version
    • Your PHP version

    One simple way to get your current PHP version is to go to your WooCommerce “System Status” report. Navigate to WooCommerce > Status. This report can help you troubleshoot in other ways, as it will display errors in red color 🚥 if your Woo system has trouble.

    Only the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce, Gift Wrapper, are supported. If you have not upgraded your site, please do so before writing for support. You must also be running the minimum PHP version required by WooCommerce. If you are not up-to-date, we will only suggest you update.

    Also before you post…

    • Search your issue here or on Google. 🔎 If your issue has already been answered in these forums, you will be referred to read an existing thread
    • Complete a basic plugin troubleshooting process. Every WordPress user should know basic plugin and theme troubleshooting.
    • 500 error or WSOD (white screen of death)? Make sure WordPress debugging is enabled so that you can quickly get to the root of the problem by reading error messages in your wp-content/debug.log file
    • If you think Gift Wrapper is causing your 500 error/WSOD situation, you can disable it by changing its filename in your file system, using FTP/SSH, or your cPanel File Manager. Go to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder and change the Gift Wrapper folder name to “~woocommerce-gift-wrapper”. WordPress will deactivate Gift Wrapper for you. This is a handy trick for if you suspect a plugin of crashing your site. FWIW, Gift Wrapper is not known for crashing sites 🙂

    And last, please remember
    Fortune tellers get paid. 🔮 WordPress.org plugin developers do not. We cannot read minds, so please be thorough, patient, and kind.

    Thank you!

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