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  • Plugin Author Thomas Patrick Levy


    When you open a new topic here in the form please follow these guidelines, in doing so you’ll ensure that we have as much information as possible to help provide you with solutions to your question or issue.

    1. Use the “Link to the page you need help with” field to provide us with a URL to your website!
    2. Post a copy of your LifterLMS System Report along with your question. Can’t find it? Review our guide to finding your system report. When posting your report, please follow the forum guidelines for posting code.
    3. We love screenshots and videos but you can’t email them to us or attach them directly to a topic. Instead use a service (Dropbox, Drive, Imgur, CloudUp, YouTube, etc…) and post a link to your screenshot or video.
    4. If you’ve encountered a White Screen we don’t know what happened either and even if you provide us with all the above information we’re still probably going to be unable to pinpoint the source of the error! Please and provide us with the actual error message. With that message we can really swiftly figure out what went wrong and then get it fixed!
    5. Always rule out a plugin or theme conflict by disabling all plugins except for LifterLMS and then switching to a default WordPress theme (like twentynineteen).
    6. Before posting, check to see if there’s documentation or a previous post about your question. Our knowledge base and these forums are indexed by google too!

    Finally, remember that these forums are PUBLIC. Don’t post anything here that you don’t want publicly indexed by google, ESPECIALLY your admin username and password!

    We do our best to respond to all topics within 48 hours of them being posted. Our support staff currently does not work over the (United States) weekend so you a topic posted on the weekend will not see a 48-hour response time.

    If we haven’t heard back from you after 7 days of us responding we’ll mark the topic as resolved. Just reply back or open a new topic if we’ve incorrectly resolved your topic.

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