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  • Plugin Author Antonino Scarfì



    first of all, if you are here is because you are using our Pixel Caffeine plugin, most probably, and we want to thank you so much that you are using it!

    But it is surely also because you need help with Pixel Caffeine. So, in order to help us to better understand your problem and find the best solution for you, we want to give you some suggestion to find the solution yourself or help us to give you best support we can.

    So, please before posting, read these simple points:

    • Make sure you have any AdBlocker extensions deactivated in the browser
    • If the problem is related to something about Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager, please make sure the pixel ID you are seeing in Facebook is the same of the one selected inside the admin of Pixel Caffeine.
    • Check that no plugin or theme is conflictling with Pixel Caffeine: to do that, deactivate all plugins and active them back one by one, checking the issue in meanwhile. Do the same with the theme by activating temporary the Twenty one and checking the issue.
    • If the problem is related to some pixel firing, please check the pixels with the Pixel Helper Chrome Extension¿
    • If pixel problem yet, please also check the browser console about errors showing up (see here how to). If some, please post there with a screenshot
    • Check that the debug mode of the plugin is deactivated, in Advanced Settings of General Settings.

    If none of the previous suggestions work, please gather the following details and post them in the topic you will open:

    • the version of Pixel Caffeine you are using
    • the version of WordPress you are usgin
    • what shop plugin you are using and what version of it
    • what browser you are using
    • A link to your site so we can view issues, especially important for issues around pixel firing
    • post as many screenshot as you can (you can use to share them).
      Examples: screenshot of Pixel Helper, browser console, admin sections, facebook ads manager, code, etc…
    • note the exact steps needed to reproduce your issue.

    Please, follow these steps to give us many details possible to give you best replies about your issues/questions.


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