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  • Quick question—I already have apache/mySQL installed on this comp from before. I think I’m going to use the XAMPP method to get wordpress to run locally. SHOULD I FIRST UNINSTALL the APACHE &MYsql conpenents currently installed since the XAMPP method reinstalls them? Sorry for yelling.

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  • looks like neither can be uninstalled. atleast neither has a uninstall option visiblke. i guess ill install XAMPP over it

    you don’t need to install xampp ‘over it’ as it installs separate on c:\xampp by default and if you like, unistall apache/mysql where you installed before or leave as it is as xampp runs it from its own &

    on xampp it is possible to start and stop apache + mysql manually

    Thanks Shekhar,

    I’m attempting to run WorDpress locally by installing XAMPP. The process has been slightely different since I already had APACHE, mYsql, and FileZILLA on my computer PRETTY SMOOTH, BUT now I’m stuck. First XAMPPs control panel is not acknowledging that fileZilla is also running,and I don’t see the ‘new database field’
    What now?
    Thanks, james

    Hello James,

    remove apache, mysql and filezilla from services

    Usually on windows
    control panel > administrative tools > Services >
    Get those services Stop or keep on manual start and then save.

    Hi James,

    It is be better to uninstall apache, mysql and filezilla from services according to shekhar.

    Then remove XAMPP and restart your computer.
    Reinstall XAMPP and follow the steps.

    for more info of installing XAMPP you can take a look Here
    Here is a good tutorial for installing XAMPP.
    follow the steps and let me know if you have any problem.

    Thanks to you all my homeserver and wordpress blog is runing. I ended up having to remove mySQL and Apache thru the contr panel because i couldnt figure out how to stop the services another way, then i had to unzip it more than once till it was in the right place and closely read the instructions. but it worked. now i can make it look spiffy.

    I suppose now I install a basic theme, and tweek the individual php files that should all be on my C drive right?

    It will be in C drive if you have installed in c drive.

    C:/Xampp/htdocs/(wordpress directory)/wp-content/themes

    this should be your theme directory.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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