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  • I have several Layouts I want to use as my blog template.

    Problem is, I have no clue how to implement wordpress into it. I’ve gone to wiki but Im more confused. Anyone can give me any tips? I’ve modified templates before, but I would really like to create my own.

    I know that I need to add a loop to the body of the file, but where do I put it exactly. I’ve also seen so many variations Im not sure what it actually looks like! As you can see Im a confused soul.

    thanks for any suggestions, URLs, etc the members at WP can provide for my utterly confused self!

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  • Slow down, deep breath. First, download whatever themes you like that are “closest” to what you want to do. I can only assume you are using v1.5, right???? Of course right.

    Okay, upload them to your “wp-content/themes/” folder on your host server (website). Pick the one you want to work on and activate it in your Presentation Panel. View the site and click everything to make sure it is working the way you want it to work. All the categories are looking okay, the single posts, etc.

    Then, when the Codex is back running, any moment, check out the instructions at:

    WordPress CSS Information and Techniques
    WordPress Blog Design and Layout
    Using WordPress Themes
    Developing WordPress Themes

    And they will tell you just about everything you want to know.

    Basically, you start from one theme and then make changes in the CSS file (style.css) to change things like font colors, layout looks, images, whatever. These links will help you totally.

    And when you are ready for a test drive, post a link to it in “Your WordPress” on this forum and we’ll take a look and comment, smack you around a few times, hang you by your fingernails, and be abusive, but really nice while we are doing it. 😉 Good luck.

    Thanks. I wish codex was up. Its been down for quite sometime. Now that I finally have a bit of time to update the look on my blog, I cant. ;(

    Not true.

    All of these pages are in google’s cache, so do a search for them and click on “cached page” in the link instead of the link to the page and you will find your help files.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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