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  • This is my WP blog.

    It’s basically the default theme tweaked beyond recognition, and the result looks kind of pretty.

    Other than that, I can’t think of a particular reason to check it out at this time, as I haven’t yet decided what my blog is supposed to be about.

    For now, it’s just another blog in cyberspace. (Not like there’s anything wrong with that.)

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  • That is impressive. I love the flaming torch in the header. It is hard to believe that it is the default theme.

    Careful with the torch!!! I forgot to warn everybody: Always have a fire extinguisher or at least a bucket of water handy when visiting my blog! And do NOT touch the flame! (I’m not responsible for anybody’s burns. Yes, it’s a real flame–just check out the black area on my background image from all the smoke it produces!)

    That is funny cyberquill.

    Because the World Needs Another Flaming Blog

    Well, it’s nice, especially in the cold season. Sometimes when I’m blogging for a while, I can even turn down the heat in my room, because the little torch thingy gets pretty hot and keeps me warm when I’m close to the screen. (Yes it DOES–I’m NOT imagining it!!!)

    nice blog, surely tweaked a lot, can’t say its the default theme by the looks of it 🙂 looks good though,

    Well, I guess at some point during the tweaking process it officially stopped being the default theme and became my own.

    Anyhow, I’m exhausted now, and I’m not planning to do any more web-designing in this lifetime.

    Thanks for all your responses 🙂

    Its nice but its designed in an old manner. I mean the choice of colors and images etc is very Web 1.0ish, now that everyone is running after Web 2.0 look I suggest you should also look into the design as the content is great.

    Dear vaibhavkanwal,

    I have no idea what Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 means or what everybody is running after. To me, java still means coffee, and flash is what a cop does with his badge (or what a stripper does with her whatever).

    What I do know is that it’s precisely that warm and fuzzy old-fashioned, non-techno-geeky, non-computery look that I like about my design, and the only way to achieve it, I believe, was to have very limited coding and web-design capablities.

    An advanced web designer proabably wouldn’t have tried the stuff I tried, and would have come up with a more “Web 2.0ish” look, whatever exactly that may be.

    So it’s not that I didn’t look into design. In fact, designing my little site was A LOT of work. But having not much computer experience beyond e-mailing, I just did the best I could do. Ironically, I love the result the way it is, and my “choice of colors and images” perfectly reflects who I am.

    I guess i just have a Web 1.0-type personality 🙂

    I must say its a great effort. No amount of designing is easy and you have done a good job. Nevertheless, from a designer’s perspective there are a few elements that can be added to enhance the visual appeal.

    Keeping in mind that you are not into designing, you’ve come up with a wonderful design. I was just playing the critic 🙂

    Have a look at my Blog to see what I meant.

    No problem. Critics are always welcome. I tend to play critic myself all the time in all kinds of areas, and I constantly get in trouble for it.

    I checked out your blog, and from the look of it it your design doesn’t seem to be any more complicated than mine. With all the time and work I put into getting my blog to look the way it does, I’d probably have managed to give it your Web 2.0ish look instead.

    But that’s where each person’s personality comes in. I, for one, find the Web 2.0ish look a bit cold and sterile, and even though I hadn’t been aware that it was called “Web 2.0”, I sort of intuitively tried to avoid it. Just like you find my Web 1.0ish look a bit old-fashioned and naturally gravitate towards a more modernistic design.

    That said, I added a link to your blog on my blog, and when the mood strikes me, perhaps I’ll consult your site for inspiration on how to a few Web 2.0ish elements. I kind of like the mix-and-match approach. I guess a little touch of Web 2.0 here and there can’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the 19th century feel of my design.

    Thank you!

    Thanks a lot for the link addition in BlogRoll. That’s so nice of you. Thanks again

    I added a giant Web 2.00ish-looking RSS icon. Now my design has officially joined the 21st century.

    I also don’t believe there’s such a thing as web 2.0 look. It’s just a buzzword coined by some designers. Every design is unique, well sort of.

    @cyberquill This looks nothing like the default theme now. Good cozy design, I like it.

    Web 2.0 has more to do with community and interaction rather than design.

    I can see why your design may remind some folks of the static era. The clipart-looking image and the animated gif (torch) appear passe.

    However, the rest of the site looks fine. If it matches your personality, then go with it. There’s nothing glaringly “wrong” with the design or usability at all.

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