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    I’m using Beaver themer on a site I’m working on and need a way to translate my custom created footer. But Beaver Themer isn’t currently compatible with Polylang as far as I can see to directly create a copy of the footer in another language.

    How would I go about this?

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  • +1, i need to translate Beaver Themer header and footer layouts on a multilingual website that uses Polylang.
    Asked Beaver Builder support, they answered me this only could be achieved on Polylang side (same for WPLM who seems to work on Themer compatibility but have not finish yet as far as i know).
    Beaver Builder templates, saved rows and modules are compatible with Polylang, unfortunately not Themer layouts yet. It would be much appreciated!

    As a workaround, i actually use Beaver Builder Header Footer plugin by the UABB team.

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    Polylang support told me maybe they could study Polylang / Beaver Themer compatibility according to the users demand…


    A new Themer alpha was released this week that adds new support for Polylang and WPML.
    If you are a Beaver customer it will be in your available downloads.

    Nooooo! Thanks, it could unlock a lot of things.

    Just tested Themer 1.1 a3: languages panel and flags show on Themer layout admin pages and i can link translated layouts to each others, yes!
    But i have a 404 when trying to open layouts in BB. Maybe dev is not finished or maybe it’s my BB 1.11 version (can’t update for the moment), i should try later or with BB 2.

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    Sounds great, thanks for the update, I’ll try out the updated Themer version 🙂

    I went a little further with Themer 1.1 alpha 3 and Polylang, it’s not that simple for the moment: i can’t get to manage translated Themer layouts (one for each language and linked to each others, as expected by Polylang) that are (necessarily) assigned to the same locations.
    In frontend, when switching languages, either one layout takes over the others, or they all display (duplicates), i’m not sure.

    I informed Beaver Themer support and hope they will explain what i missed or maybe it’s a missing feature of alpha version they will add later… to be continued.

    Finally, Beaver Themer 1.1 alpha 3 works perfectly fine, i was just lost in the complex relational functioning of Beaver Themer / Polylang.
    The position and location settings of translated linked Themer layouts still seems sometimes tricky to me, the display on frontend is not always what i think it should… i have to practice more.
    But Themer 1.1 and Polylang works fine together 😉

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    Great. Would love to see how you have your Themer layouts setup, right now I’ve added the pages to the respective language that should be show e.g. danish and english, instead of relying on Polylang to show the correct layout.

    Basically, the setup is simple. For example, you create a header type Themer layout, choose the location (e.g. “All site”), default language is already selected in Polylang meta box (e.g. “Danish”) and build the layout with Beaver Builder.
    Then you duplicate this Themer layout, change language to “English”, link it to “Danish” layout using Polylang meta box and translate the elements with Beaver Builder.The EN Themer layout location should remain the same as the DA i think, but it’s the point i find a little tricky, maybe only for more complicated locations(?)

    When you switch language in frontend, the corresponding layout is displayed, it’s all the interest of Polylang. I ask myself how you currently handle this with pages instead of Polylang switch.

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    Ok great, that’ll be perfect… my issue right now is that I don’t see the Polylang meta box to change the language on the themer layout at all. I checked screen options, etc, and all is updated 🙁

    You have Themer 1.1 installed?

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    No just 1.0.3. Probably why, thanks, I’ll get the latest, and wondering why update doesn’t work on it 🙂

    @sejler you can download the alpha from your members area. It will then keep itself updated when an update for the alpha is released.

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    Yeah ok of course, thanks, I’ll try that out 🙂

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