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  • It looks like somebody answered the questions on that post and it has been marked as resolved.

    Meanwhile that site is an example of a site where the site owner didnt accidently delete their products page shortcode and break their site.

    Triplemoons we’re happy to help but hijacking threads on isnt going to endear anybody to support you.

    triplemoons – seems like you have a bit of an issue here – why don’t you provide a link to your site or something like that in this thread so people reading it can take a look and offer some suggestions to help?

    Damn, Rock your Cause is a bloody nice looking site. Its awesome to see what people are doing with WP e-Commerce Plugin 🙂

    @Mufusa I don’t know who marked it resolved or why, but that simply isn’t the case. A brand spanking new installation that had no pages deleted still has the permalink problems (great way to make an ASSumption – it helps to read when people are begging for help). Their are several other people with the same exact problem and it is not resolved. The only solution is downgrading to 3.7.8 which in itself is a poor one. No member of the WPE support staff has assisted on that thread at all and this is the FIRST response from a staff member that’s received any sort of response. Shame on you for forcing any of us to resort to this to get assistance! Pay attention to your support forum!

    @mychelle Thank you for the offer. It’s so aggravating being ignored on the WPE support forums. That thread is 3 weeks old without a real resolution which means tons of down websites who are effected by this. Their are several websites with this problem under my care, but the one actively being fussed with is http:// ts5. triplemoons, however the permalinks are disabled since the plugin is broken. Everything works absolutely fine until the permalinks are enabled, then it’s a complete flop.

    @triplemoons – Sorry you feel ignored. Its not intentional. I’m not in the forums myself and I spend more time on the Blog and working on other things. You have to believe that we do the best we can with a small team – that literally caters to hundreds of thousands of users with thousands of different server environments.

    Your permalink issue isn’t all that common an issue because I too am running a number of sites, including that is running 3.8, and its running just fine. So are hundreds of thousands of other sites.

    So there must be something on your environment that isnt playing nice with our 3.8.x branch. Whatever the case may be, Mychelle who is a colleague of mine is on your case and hopefully you get some resolution 🙂

    I don’t get that problem and I’ve made hundreds of sites with each of the WordPress e-Commerce Plugins. I choose WP e-Commerce Plugin because it is the best Plugin for WP developers (mmm so many hooks and filters).

    At a guess your issue sounds server related. Hopefully they can fix your issue, on your servers, so that other people with the same server settings and the same version WP e-Commerce Plugin don’t get the same issue you get.

    Either way it looks like they are on your side now. Oh and on another positive note I know that they are going to be improving the way they handle templates and they will be maintaining backwards compatibility – you’ve definitely go lots to look forward to 🙂

    Hi WP World,

    I am a beginner & am looking for advice to help me get started on WP custom site building.

    At the present, I have an incomplete site, due to incompetent developer. But the good news is that my host GoDaddy supports WP which is already to go but I am not sure how to use it due to the fact that my hosting company will not give me instructions or answer any questions re: building a WP custom site, with permalink buttons that link to database, sending client an email confirmation, also implementing drop down menus on apparel tab that will show designs line titles, then link from drop down to shopping cart to the specific line of their choice….& more.

    My question is can I upload a custom WP site w/out interrupting the site that is live? Can I build a custom WP website then load onto hosting server once it is complete? Can I create a database with 2 specific columns that separate people who join the positive movement & people who just order custom designs? and if they choose both then is it possible to send only 1 email not 2.

    I am very leery re: support e-commerce? But am happy I found this blog.
    I am lost & do not know where to start. Should I create my own site then load it or go through my FTP manager via host?

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