• These templates are lovely, and it’s responsive. Very well-made to be honest.
    As a web developer, sometimes I want to create a quick website for someone, and this helps cuts my time (and the cost I can offer them) significantly. As not much work needs to be done later, except than filling in the content.

    The workspaces helps when you work with various clients, and they can have their own freedom too. I was subscribed to Pro and hopefully soon I can get the lifetime and get more spaces to use with.

    There aren’t many good lifetime templates out there, and Templately has abundant and seriously good-looking templates, so you won’t run out of ideas. It works with Elementor Free too, so that is good because most of the time I don’t use Pro. I couple this with their Essential add-on pro and it’s all I need to be honest.

    Support has been nothing short of supportive, been asking them for help for months now. Amazing tool and amazing developer.

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