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  • I love my WordPress blogs, but I want to do more with them. I dream of being able to post a WordPress blog, tag it with the appropriate tag/category and have it update my facebook status. Tag it for twitter, and it posts to twitter with a url link to the full post (or both of these platforms). Even better would be to geotag these posts and check in to facebook places / foursquare when I want to.

    Basically I want WordPress to manage my social interactions on the web.

    I’m competent at hacking php templates together, but hacking plugins is something I have so far stayed away from – so I’ll put this out to the masses and see what happens.

    Is any of the above possible now with plugins, can it be done with a little work and if not, is it on the horrizon?

    I fear without the above integration, WordPress as the cms for blogs could fall into a niche for powerbloggers (those with large, popular blogs) and the masses of small time bloggers will just move entirely to facebook / twitter etc – which would be a shame, blogging taught me about html and then WordPress allowed me to learn about php bit by bit until I recently found myself sorting the values of multidimensional arrays pulled from a database to build an address book at work.. anyway I digress.

    So – can anyone shed light any light on this dream of mine?

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