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  • incredibly fast loading. simple and elegant

    It wouldn’t be difficult to develop.

    no I can understand that there’s nothing exceptional there
    but I couldn’t do it, not without a big learning curve
    anyone done anything like it?

    or know HOW it could be done??
    – one of the cool features is the changing background colours
    -how’d you do that?

    Like I said, it wouldn’t be difficult. With the use of exhibit and some custom fields, it’s very feasible.

    ok thanks!
    what are exhibit and custom fields?
    (i know – newbie question – its difficult trying to work this stuff out)

    Exhibit is a plugin for WP that can be used to show pictures in posts.


    ah yes, heard of that.

    what about custom fields?
    -and is it easy to do?

    Be wary of people who respond with very vague terms and suggest it’s easy.

    While nothing is impossible, changing WP from it’s blogging ways to anything else does involve some time and effort.

    “custom fields” could mean nearly anything under the Sun.

    There have been a few implementations of Photo-blogs using WP.

    and so on..

    Not quite what the other site has, but a start nonetheless.


    “Be wary of people who respond with very vague terms and suggest it’s easy.”

    LOL…Cypher, are you talking about me? You are aware of how flexible WP is, aren’t you? I’m a web developer by profession, and I use WP to build a lot of nice looking non-blog sites. I could build just about anything except a shopping cart with it, and I could definitely build a site like that…no problem. That’s not a testimony to my abilities, either, by the way; it’s a testimony to how easy WP is to work with.

    “‘custom fields’ could many nearly anything under the Sun.”

    No, “custom fields” refers to one thing in WP. When you create a post, at the bottom of the interface, you can create as many “custom fields” as you want. Just create the fields for your thumbs, and you’re done.

    I’m not being vague, I’m just at work, and I don’t have time to create an instruction manual. There’s a big difference between being vague and giving someone a few key words to do some research on.

    Why don’t you try out Menalto Gallery or Coppermine? Both free scripts dedicated to photo’s. Easy to set up and function well. Coppermine is my personal favorite.

    That might work, too. But…and you might call be crazy…I’m not sure it will be as easy to customize as the ol’ WP.

    I’ve played with both of those and quite like G, especially version 2 which is better than 1.4 but still in development. And I might actually run a G install as part of my site, but I also need the CMS capability of something like WP to deal with a photoblog page, and also some writing. Ideally I’d use one application for all of it and i’m sure WP would be capable, but it would need a lot of coding skills I don’t have.

    Alternatives are also MT and Textpattern – but is WP easier to set up and customise?

    Noah Grey, author of ‘greymatter’, the first weblog software I ever used.

    Know anyone who’s developed a similar site, and how they did it?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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