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  • I began using SiteTree after having extensive problems with a succession of XML sitemap and multi-purpose SEO plugins that were supposed to provide my site with a frequently updated XML sitemap, but botched things terribly.

    Because I create extensive original content and because I formerly had an excellent record with Google while on, it was distressing to discover that every other XML sitemap creating tool I tried often caused missing metatag issues with Google that nearly caused me a great deal of trouble.

    Thankfully, Sitetree fixed my XML sitemap issue immediately. Google is happy again, and so am I. SiteTree plays very well with all of the normal search engines that require a frequently updated XML sitemap.

    The most surprising thing about this plugin is that it works as it is purported to work. SiteTree is also well-designed, and offers a truly intuitive interface. You can set site-crawling priorities in a matter of seconds, using the same options offered by bigger plugins, but without all of the mistakes and the dramatic hoopla.

    In addition, SiteTree creates a regularly updated HTML sitemap for your site’s readers (or users). The HTML sitemap is also simple, while still offering several organizational types and visual styles. You can even set up your HTML sitemap to provide category RSS feeds, which is seriously cool.

    My tiny wishlist: I wish the HTML sitemap was more extensive—I create original content, and I’d like my readers to be able to see more if not most of it on one map. But SiteTree does provide a solid base for approximately 200 recent posts, which is more than I had before.

    Another wish: I would love to have the option to do a sitemap that has double columns in that nifty outline style. As I said before, SiteTree offers a bunch of different HTML sitemap organizational styles—just not this one.

    Wishes aside, this plugin is darn near perfect.

    Thank you, SiteTree for becoming my Google webmaster account’s best friend. You’ve given me peace of mind, which counts for a lot in my world. Thank you so very much.

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