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  • you should change the font color in the blockquote – or the bgcolor… Now it’s impossible to read it!

    Probably depends on your screen – but you’re right. It could be lighter or might not need a bgcolor at all.

    I’ve got the oldest dimmest monitor surfing the Net, I’m sure, but I have no problem reading the blockquotes (but the member names in this forum is a separate matter entirely 😉

    Well, I’ve looked on three different machines now: on my laptop, it’s very readable because the bgcolor is a very light gray. On my wife’s laptop, you can’t even tell the bgcolor isn’t white! And on my CRT display, the gray is a little darker but still very readable.
    And Beel, you’re right – the same can’t really be said for this page!
    I think I’ll just dump the bgcolor and leave it at that.

    rdsms@ – in IE 5.5 the posts are on the same green background as the whole page, not on white as in FF.
    If you want a screenshot contact me at moshu at transycan dot net

    I believe you. A while ago, before I really got my site running, I ran across a page (probably referred to from the WP forums somewhere!) that would generate shots of your site with different browsers so you could check for compatibility issues. Does anyone know what the URL is of that site? I’m not sure I bookmarked it, and probably should have.

    It does appear that Moshu is correct – under IE5.5 SP2, the posts actually show up with a green background and white text. Thanks to Moshu for bringing it to my attention – I haven’t dug into fixing it yet, but I assume it’s some sort of CSS issue in IE5.x. I just need to find the appropriate workaround.
    Now, for anyone interested in checking their sites with older versions of IE, the folk(s)at have done the web world a tremendous service by providing downloads for ‘standalone’ versions of Internet Explorer (check out and scroll down to “Standalone Internet Explorer”. Download the zip file, unzip it into its own directory, and run the iexplore.exe file in that directory and BAM – you’re running the old version of IE. I did that with 5.5, and confirmed what Moshu reported.
    One note: I had to do what was suggested in Comment #113 on that site, and that was to rename the .EXE file and its associated .local file so that IE5.5 came up instead of IE6.0. But it worked! (and exposed the problem…) And its a real easy way to check out your site with older versions…

    I think I fixed the IE 5.5 problem. Apparently the 5.5 CSS parser didn’t like the location of a particular comment in the CSS file.

    Yeah, you fixed 🙂

    Thanks very much for catching the problem – and verifying the fix!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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