• Can’t seem to load this script onto a staging server with the same license number – even though the developer said this is possible on their own forums. Once your support contract expires you can’t access helpdesk support and they provide no email address to get help. This script really isn’t worth paying for year after year for the same thing. Unfortunately developer support just evaporates when you stop paying them. I can’t in good conscience recommend this script to anyone that needs to manage multiple server instances for the same online property.

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  • I’m sorry you’ve had trouble loading Formidable on a staging server! You should definitely be able to load it on your staging server, whether or not your license is active.

    We do not allow posting of “how-to” questions in the help desk when your license is expired, but you can always post bug reports.

    Could you provide more information about what is occurring when you try to load Formidable on a staging server? It would be best if you could create a ticket in our help desk for this. Just select “Problem” for the category.

    Thank you!

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    License verification just says “too many websites” whenever trying to activate it. Even after de-activating the code on production (which breaks our forms), the staging server still receives the same license verification error messages.

    There really is no way to ask for help from Formidable Forms after the expiration of your license without paying more money. There is no “problems” category in the helpdesk any more.

    If you go to our new ticket form here:
    Do you see a “report a bug” option? If so, you can select that. Sorry I misinformed you – the option was switched from “problem” to “report a bug” a while back.

    You can include ATTN:Jamie in the ticket title if you would like, which will make sure I get it.

    I would like to help you get this issue resolved. I haven’t seen a ticket show up in our help desk yet. Have you created a ticket there? If so, could you link me to it so I can assist you?

    Thanks for reaching out. I’ve already implemented an alternative forms plugin because I have a quick turnaround on this project.

    The purpose of this review was to point out that multiple server instances don’t work as simply as suggested on your forums, and that there isn’t a direct way to get support from Formidable once your license expires.

    You should be able to install Formidable on additional sites as long as your license has not been used on the maximum number of sites that came with your license. If this isn’t working for you, I’m afraid you may have found a bug. You can always submit bug reports in our help desk, regardless of your license status.

    We want you to have access to the product you purchased. Can I help you get this working, even if you have switched to a new forms plugin? Also, I’m concerned that you’re not able to report a bug in our help desk. If you go to this URL, can you create a new ticket?

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