• Be warned – YITH Product filter plugin contains some serious exploits, which are used by bot networks to DoS a site.

    After explaining the issue multiple times to YITH, showing detailed server log files, they are refusing to acknowledge a potential issue – instead they keep asking for a Live login, which we can’t provide for many reasons.

    YITH are unwilling to investigate on their own servers – instead they expect you to set up a test server for them, demonstrating how their plugin doesn’t work. They have been extremely unhelpful – and so far have refused our money back.

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  • Plugin Support Alessio Torrisi


    Hello Jon,
    we are sorry to see your dissatisfaction with our product. Let me however clarify that the exploits issues you are reporting are not caused by our plugin. We have checked our plugin with multiple scenarios and the same issue did not occur. Additionally, we have the same plugin installed in our live demo which gets many visits every day, and in many other customers’ sites, and none is reporting the same issue.
    We totally believe that you may have a critical issue that is impacting your website and even if this does not depend on our plugin, we offered to help you to check this on your website (an issue like this could be caused by an old version of some other tool used together with our plugin just to mention an example), but you refused to cooperate at all.

    We remain at your disposal.

    Thread Starter AwesomeWebGuy


    Alessio, we’ve asked multiple times for YITH official business address – we need to move on with this matter formally, as your plugin has caused significant financial damages to 3 of our client websites – please respond ASAP!! And stop posting ridiculous claims on Trust Pilot and on here.

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