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  • Be very careful if you decide to work with Displet.

    I downloaded the free version of the Displet wordpress plugin for real estate listings to test it out, as the company suggests. I was very impressed. I installed it and configured it. All was going well.

    However, when I purchased the paid version, which is required to get current available properties for sale, I ran into problems.The plugin was not pulling photos for the newest units, nor was it displaying map results. Also, the daily email of new properties for my saved searches was sending milliion-dollar houses no matter what my preferences were.

    For several weeks, I ask repeatedly about when this would be fixed and they would never provide an answer. Nor would they provide a quick code workaround to hide the listings without images until they solved the problem.

    They told me to sort the listings by cheapest to most expensive, but their plugin allows shoppers to sort by newest, so I didn’t consider this to be an acceptable alternative.

    In short, their service has three major issues that I couldn’t have discovered until I bought the monthly subscription.
    1. Pictures for new listings in GA were not available.
    2. The google map didn’t work for new listings.
    3. The daily email sends million-dollar homes to users who save searches, no matter what their saved preferences are.

    For a real estate website, pictures are hugely important. And sending million-dollar homes to people who can’t afford them is just embarrassing. But from their response, it seems as though they just didn’t care.

    When I asked for a refund, I was told they don’t offer refunds because they allow you to test out the plugin before you buy the service. However, the problems I had with the service couldn’t have been found until AFTER I paid for it.

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    I’m sorry but these forums do not support commercial products. Only the free plugins downloaded from Please contact the plugin’s vendor directly with any questions about commercial products.

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    I’ll keep this short & sweet. [name moderated] is unreasonable. In answer to each of his complaints.

    1) There was an issue w/ his MLS’s RETS server and our image downloader was behind due to this. We let him know that this was the case, and he said that it wasn’t acceptable. Unfortunately, time was the only remedy. The day that he canceled, the issue was 90% remedied, and was due to be 100% remedied w/in the week.
    2) That is untrue.
    3) [name moderated] doesn’t understand our proprietary property suggestion tool, which is an incredible conversion tool for most agents. This tool automatically sends listings to every new registration, based on their viewing history. Users can also save their own searches, but they will receive suggestions from the system.

    We did not issue a refund b/c we felt he wasn’t reasonable.

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