• I thought this plugin was great, was using it for quite a few months. However, they just pushed out a new update (December 2017), that was seemingly a completely new design and they ignored the existing short codes.

    Hence EVERYBODY who was using this plugin ended up with an unusable plugin and had to scramble.

    I’ve just reverted back to version 8, blocked updates and will start looking for an alternative. You can’t just shove out updates that break every existing installation.

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    Unfortunately I too have to agree this. Even though there are lots of improvements, removing integrated GUI is BIG BIG mistake.

    Our team is working hard to create shortcode to make it available as integrated product. I am sure this should available by this week-end.

    With great respect, I request you to wait and check it back on your test site once new version is available.

    I was a bit wary of taking this update, especially seeing that email notification was removed as part of the update. I take it this is to push everyone who uses the plugin to pay for the add-ons, which have email notifications now?

    I’d been looking for a solution to support tickets for a while and started to use this plugin a couple of months ago, which worked exactly as I needed and had simple email notifications for when tickets were raised, updated etc.

    I must admit, I’ve not installed the latest update to see what the changes were but seeing as it looked as though the email notifications were completely removed I won’t be able to update and will now have to look for a new solution sadly.

    The new update system broked my support page and customers are trying to sue me now … lol … anyway this plugins is amazing, only the last update system is not quite the thing. Having a lot of trouble, trying to roll back.


    I had to revert back to version 8 as well, and now it’s working fine again. How do you block this plugin from automatically updating?


    – Jon

    I did a Google search for “Wordpress disable updates” and found a bunch of different ways to do it including plugins that let you selectively control what gets updated.

    I ended up using


    but there are numerous alternatives. One just hopes THAT plugin doesn’t update itself and break -:)

    NB I highly recommend a plugin called Updraft that I happened to be using to do backups. That’s how I was able to easily get back to the old version.

    For most plugins you should be able to go to the Advanced View on the plugin page and download previous versions from there. However, if you go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-support-plus-responsive-ticket-system/advanced/ there are no previous versions listed so no easy way to get back to an earlier version.

    Again, a cynical move to force people onto the latest with less functionality, forcing you to purchase their add-ons as they may not be able to get back to the previous version?

    Okay, a solid backup process should be in place, where you could get back yourself, but not everyone has that and rely on getting previous versions easily by using the route above. Clearly not in this case.

    Plugin Author Pradeep Makone


    Hello guys,

    Theme integration is now available and please feel free to create ticket on our website in case any integration issues. It can be fixed by custom css, our agents will help you with that.

    Regarding moving some features to paid,

    People are enjoying the product since it was available. We really appreciate the love and support from all of the users, but that doesn’t help us to survive to work with dedicated team working full time for this product. We still are most affordable and most feature ready product. If you like our free version, and need premium features, it is all in one there.

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