• Don’t bait and switch people with a free version! There really is no redeeming functionality in the free version – thanks for wasting my time. If you were honest upfront you wouldn’t be getting one star.

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    We’ve already addressed this kind of rating before: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/does-nothing-13#post-

    The existence of a PRO version does not equal a “bait and switch”. What we actually do is offer a FREE version and then allow users to decide at anytime to add more features. There’s no pressure to do anything.

    Here’s a little story: The PRO version was created after we started to spend a significant amount of time adding complex features. We needed to compensate for the time and server resources — thus creating a low cost PRO version. If you’ve ever done web development and look at some of the features that are provided in the PRO version, you will see that they are not easy to support.

    The FREE version has consistently seen additions overtime because of the PRO version as well.

    Finally, please read the plugin description page again. It explicitly points out that there is a PRO version with several extra features. There is no hiding there.

    Best of luck,
    -EmbedPlus Team

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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