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  • So I’ve been quite happy blogging away in relative obscurity for the last 9 or so months. Don’t get me wrong, I do actually think my site is fairly interesting, I don’t just blog, I do try to write stuff of value. But, up till now, I haven’t even bothered to do any promotion, outside of simply submitting myself to Google.

    Anyway, last weekend, for the first time, I thought it would be nice to get some traffic. Not a lot mind you, just a little.

    Loa and behold, this morning The Register here in the UK links to one of my articles. El Reg, if your not aware, is almost on par with the mighty Slashdot in terms of traffic and overall usage.

    After just a few hours, the article has become the most read on their site, which of course means my meagre little site has been literally crushed under the deluge of users.

    *sigh*, be careful what you wish for fellow bloggers!

    The post:
    My site:


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  • You could try installing a WP-Cache. I’ve heard that it enables WordPress to withstand a slashdotting.

    Hey thanks for that! I stupidly thought phpecellerator would be enough. Clearly wrong!

    If I could kindly ask, can someone please check my site now that I’ve installed wp-cache? The site is on a server in my kitchen so its hard to judge. However, before I installed wp-cache httpd was taking up about 18-20% of CPU, now its barely 2%.

    Thanks Again,


    Great site. I buy a lot of CDs from BMG. But now, maybe no more. Thanks for the information.

    Big thanks to Manzabar! I’ve survived my ‘Slashdotting’ after tallying up just under 30,000 unique visitors in under 24 hours. The bulk of that came after I installed WP-Cache 8 hours into the hit, so it more than proved that it can handle a load of traffic.

    Technically, my site is still running slow, but considering its hosted on my DSL line, on a server in my kitchen, its pretty incredible its running at all considering the traffic that is still hitting it.

    Question: Just being curious, how fast is the site loading where you guys are? I’m in the UK.

    It took roughly 6-7 seconds to get the full page up on my screen.

    I’m in Iowa (U.S.) and browsing the web via a terminal server. If I could browse directly, I think that’d knock a couple of seconds off the load time. If I remember, I’ll try checking when I go home for lunch.

    Well, I never had such problems on my server, but I read WP-Cache (there’s a V2 out now) would solve the traffic thing. Unfortunatly the statistics like stattraq wont work properly. But godsake we have Google Analytics for this crap. 😉

    Thank’s alot for this plugin !! my server keep crashing … i ll test the wp-cache 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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