• Even though I marked people could not sign up, some how they did and changed their access. I changed it again to make sure all people that attempted to sign up had to be approved. I was hacked multiple times, before I had to un-install UM.

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    Are you referring to the WordPress general setting “Anyone can register”?

    That setting is for enabling/disabling the wp-register screen, it does not affect UM registration form because it is assumed if a sites install a plugin with front-end registration form, that the site wants users to register via UM registration.

    If UM registration was tied to that setting then it means that the wp-register method becomes open but websites using UM do not want users to register via wp-register but rather only via UM registration form.

    If you don’t want users registering via UM registration form, there is a simple fix for this which is to remove the UM registration page from front-end of your site.


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