• rockychq58


    My feeling is that plugins like this cannot be guaranteed to work with all themes. This was the case with my theme. Once installed and used to generate a child-theme I found certain styles were over-ridden. Worse was that the little icons that are attached to Elementor editing boxes disappeared. They stayed disappeared even after reactivating the main theme. Disappointing. I think the Plugin page should provide instructions on how to restore everything if it doesn’t work properly with a particular theme, and also add a warning about possible conflicts like this. If it works for you then this is a useful plugin but you won’t know until you use it.

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  • Plugin Contributor Mahesh Maharjan


    Thank you so much for your genuine review after using our plugin. We apologize for the situation you’re facing. However, we would like to reassure you that our plugin, Generate Child Theme only concerns with creating child themes and does not change anything on the parent theme. Meanwhile, there might be a conflict in another plugin you’re using that’s causing the issue you mentioned. Please try deactivating the plugins successively to identify the conflicting plugin. We hope this helps you.


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